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About UWA

About UWA


Nan Hagan is the founder/principal manager of UWA. She is a 30+ year vet in the entertainment industry, best known for her work writing for one-hour dramas such as JAG, Dawson's Creek, Sliders, Diagnosis Murder. Nan is a passionate advocate for her clients and their projects. She is known for gently but firmly pushing clients page-by-page through deep-dive development. She's yet to meet a script that didn't need a notes pass. Nan's personal entertainment passion is for mysteries. She is the author of the cozy mystery novel, Play It Again, Kam, and is currently working on book one of a new P.I. book series. Additionally, Nan owns the production company, Modern Whodunit Productions, geared entirely towards finding, developing and producing projects in the mystery and thriller genres. If you'd like to know more about Nan, please visit her linkedin

Nan Hagan, Founder

Our Origin Story

UWA is short for United Writers and Artists and was founded in 2019 specifically to fill gaps in the entertainment representation arena: boutique, personalized management services for talented writers just starting out with no credits or connections, for successful writers in other arenas entering into the Hollywood stream and for those amazing mid-to-upper-level writers working the business gig by gig who just need someone in the town to see and believe in them and their proejcts. UWA was created to open doors and provide opportunities. Sure, sometimes we have to be a little Jack Nicholson in The Shining with an axe on those doors...  But we're cool with that.



In general, new clients are by referral only. Currently we are not accepting new clients until at least January 2024. 


When time allows, we will read "over-the-transom" submissions from those seeking careers as professional screenwriters. We prefer samples to be features or television movies. TV pilots for samples are acceptable but please know, we are NOT taking on any new clients for TV staffing. If you wish to "break-in" to TV writing, we recommend you get a support staff job on a current TV show or with a studio. Please also understand there are many reasons why we may not accept certain projects for review, such as conflicts with our existing client projects, or genre of your project.  We do not accept HORROR projects or anything overtly raunchy. Just not our thing.  If we accept your project for a read, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for response.   

To Submit

please email


Include your name, a short paragraph about yourself,  a logline and a short paragraph about your project.



We will reply to your inquiry if yours IS -- OR IS NOT -- a project UWA would like to review

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